Whale Initiation with the Trees

This will be a very powerful initiation.
I have been guided by the whales to bring the group to the mountain for an initiation that I experienced a few years ago.

Here was my experience: I headed north from the Bay Area driving back to Portland and was compelled to travel to see the giant redwoods in northern California on my way. The trees just magnetized me to them. I could feel the pull about a week before my trip. I had to go.

Just as I turned onto the Avenue of the Giants off of highway 101, the whales came to me and told me that they wanted to be with me and the trees. In my car, I slowly wandered through the beautiful lane awed by the giants until I came to a perfect grove with three of the giants inviting me in. Just as I parked the car my gorgeous whale music came on the I Pod ... the whale song penetrating my being.

In this sacred grove, there were three of the giant trees formed in a triangle, the largest one in the middle and two others on the sides. I was guided to stand in the middle of the triangle. As I looked up into the tree on my right, it had many leafy branches dancing in the breeze. I knew that was representing the Divine Feminine. The tree on my left towered over me with its trunk straight up into the sky and no branches I could see as it soared above me. That tree was representing the Divine Masculine.

I knew to just stand there in reverence and wait to see if there were any messages from the whales and the trees.

Before I go further, I need to add this story about our time with the whales as we swam with them in Tonga (this is part of the initiation to come.)

On our last day in Tonga one year, three whales swam and danced with us for three whole hours! We had been told by them telepathically that they were bringing in the gold and silver rays from the 11th and 12th dimensions to bring about the Divine Feminine/Masculine Balance.

When we returned home and had our disposable underwater camera film developed, we saw an amazing surprise ... the first photo was a phenomenal picture, clearly a flame (the whales call it the Ascension Flame.) We were amazed! Spending time with the photo puts one into an altered state.

The golden center represents our God-Selves, the essence of who we are, and the red represents the fire of transformation that energetically transmutes that which is not really us.

Now back to the story. When I stood there in the center of the triangle of the giants, I suddenly "saw" with my mind's eye three huge whales positioned in three spots on the planet in a triangular formation sounding into the center of the earth.

When the whales sing, they face downward toward the bottom of the ocean and hang in this position while they sing for hours. I could see these whales bringing in the new energies that are flooding the earth. They were channeling these energies into the fire at the core center of the earth with their sacred tones.

The powerful energies ignited the core fire with these new higher frequencies. Then I saw an enormous whale with its tail in the core fire channeling that activated energy up toward the trees. As the energy rose within the whale, when it reached the whale's head it morphed into the Ascension Flame. This energy then flowed up into the main giant tree in front of me.

At this point, the tree invited me to become it! I allowed myself to feel that I was actually the tree itself receiving the influx of the powerful radiance being channeled. It was so amazing. Being the tree, I could feel the energies propelling me out of the Old Matrix (collective unconscious of mankind) and into the Light of All Possibility! The whales told me that this was an initiation of the highest degree.

This initiation I will share with you when we are with the trees on the mountain.

The whales will also bring us into oneness with our divine inner beings through deep surrender to our souls as we experienced in Tonga last year. See the story here:

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